Our Story

Brought up in a community that cautioned its daughters from being under the sun, a community that disapproved of its daughters showing their skin, a community that didn’t welcome daughters who developed their bodies early, Swarnaa found herself in a whirlwind. 


  From left to right (Swarnaa, her baby brother and younger sister)


Born in Colombo, brought up on the shores of Australia, how could one stay away from the sun? Growing up as a Tamil Aussie who loved the outdoors, exploring beaches and pools to being entrenched in a South Asian community that despised the sun it has been interesting manoeuvring through the parallels. Adding to the mix, developing a body with a bust was the cherry on top since we don’t really live in a world that creates clothing sizes around diverse bodies but rather expect bodies to fit standard clothing sizes. 




Swarnaa and her STL models at the official launch of her brand Swana the Label and Tropics Collection. 

Models: Thurjah, Lillien, Menaka, Anika, Sheba, Sabrina and Sumana

Event Styled and Managed by: @nokshaevents Photography by @ SJevents



All these intersectional challenges sparked a fire in Swarnaa that just couldn’t be put out. From ideation to fruition it’s been a three year journey doing loads of research, user group surveys, reading, immersing herself in different communities to creating this sustainable, well-thought out line of swimwear that not only celebrated and appreciated the colours, patterns and stories of the South Asian culture but empowered people to be their best selves under the sun and in and around the water.